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  • We recently inherited a Wersi DX 700 organ from a friend’s estate. Our granddaughter is excited to learn to play the organ and can’t wait for us to get all the functions working.
    Could you please advise us as to who we might contact to help us trouble shoot some of the problems, purchase memory cards and provide advice on how to set up the organ?
    Currently, the Great keyboard is not working and many of the program functions don’t seem to work.
    Thank you very much,
    New to organs in Arvada, CO,

  • Ralph —- Do you still have the white Hammond Aurora organ ? Thanks, Dale at Manor Music Studios

    • Hi Dale…Yes we still have the Hammond Aurora organ. It is in Lancaster if you care to see it.

      Best Regards,
      Ralph Conti

  • I see on your Pre-owned November Blow Out listing a Roland AT-90. is this organ still available? has the price changed? where is it located?

    also, can you suggest a site i can go to to learn and research the older Wersi models you have listed on the same page? I would prefer to get one of those, however unable to locate an information on them online.


    • Hi Jim…Sorry, but it was the first to be sold. We do get them in occasionally and I will be glad to inform you of such.

      Best Regards,

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