Louvre GS 1000

Louvre Organ Black Polsih Finish

Louvre Organ Black Polish Finish

The Louvre

The Wersi Louvre GS 1000 is the Wersi flagship instrument, but it’s also the most versatile digital instrument in the world. The Louvre features three keyboards and a 25 note pedalboard, large color touch screen, and OAS open Art Software System. A huge sound system compliments the cabinet style. The OAS System has the unique ability to continually be updated with newer sounds, Styles, functions  and features. The Louvre with over 950 standards available like string orchestras, soloists, grand pianos, electronic pianos, organ sounds with  drawbars, theatre and classical organ will compliment  any player. Realdrum accompaniments are standard with hundreds of arranger style accompaniments available. You have space to store over 2000 user Total Presets as well as standard factory presets.


Louvre LE Specifications (Fully Loaded):

  • 2 61 Note Weighted keyboards
  • 1 76 Note Lower Keyboard
  • 25 Note Pedalboard With MIDI Out
  • Lighted Manual Preset Pistons
  • Solid State Hard Drive Standard
  • 1 Gigabyte RAM Standard
  • Powered Seat
  • 4 Channel Surround Sound
  • CD/DVD Drive w/Burner
  • 4 USB Ports 
  • Windows XPTM/Intel Pentium4TM
  • 5 Programmable Toe Studs
  • Vocalist (Vocal harmonizer)
  • All Optional Packages Included
  • OX 7 Drawbar System as well as B4 and VB3 availability
  • 10 Inch Color Touch Screen
  • Advanced Sound/Style/MIDI Editors
  • All supported by a complete Input/Output Mixers
  • MP3 and Wave Player
  • Real Drums

The list goes on and on, but if the standard sounds and styles aren’t enough there are over 1000 optional sounds/styles available. For example, if Classical/Church organ is your specialty, you can download the optional 34 additional sounds in the in that group. A complete list of options below:


  • Classical Church Sounds              $147
  • Theatre Sounds                            $147
  • Grand Pianos                                $147
  • World Of Organs                           $147
  • World Of Synths                           $147
  • Portamento                                  $147
  • CD Line Sounds                            $177
  • Galaxy Sounds                              $177
  • Helios Sounds                               $177
  • Comet Sounds                               $177
  • 250 New Drum Sounds                 $177
  • Best Of Accordions                       $224
  • Styles 2011 System                      $294


  • Franz Lambert ED. 1                       $524
  • Franz Lambert ED.2                        $469
  • VB-3 Drawbar Emulation                $152
  • James Last Pak                               $469
  • F.L 1,FL2, OAA                              $1529


  • Multi-Record Digital Multi-track Recording Software      $347
  • B4 Drawbar Soft.                                                               $412
  • Open art Arranger                                                             $765
  • Rhythm Designer Soft.                                                      $224
  • Selector Plus for Verona, EX-1,Abacus                             $342
  • Sound Fabric: Create New Sounds                                    $530

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